Homeloot deals(Proof Added) G2.com Review - Get Free Amazon Voucher ₹2000 or $10...

(Proof Added) G2.com Review – Get Free Amazon Voucher ₹2000 or $10 On Just Write A Simple Review

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Write G2 Review Free Amazon Gift Card Voucher Worth $10

G2.com,G2 review, Review in G2.com Free Amazon Voucher, Write Review in G2.com and get Amazon Voucher: Hello dealsnloot readers, I am back with new free earning deal, On the G2 website, you can write reviews and earn free gift cards or vouchers worth ₹2000 or $10. This offer is open to everyone. Discover how you can earn a free Amazon Voucher worth ₹2000 or $10 by writing reviews on G2.com. Learn the process, benefits, and tips for effective reviewing. Read this article for complete details on how to write reviews and get free vouchers.

G2.com review & earn

What is G2.com? G2.com stands as a leading software marketplace, offering insights and reviews on various software solutions. It’s a platform where users can find detailed reviews and make informed decisions about their next software purchase.

Benefits of Writing Reviews on G2.com Writing reviews on G2.com is more than just sharing opinions. It’s about enhancing the customer experience and contributing to a community that relies on genuine feedback.

Earning Amazon Vouchers through G2 Reviews Learn about the voucher system on G2.com. This section explains how writing reviews can earn you Amazon vouchers and the terms and conditions associated with it.

Exploring Different Products on G2 for Review We delve into the variety of products available on G2.com for review, including popular software like Zoom and TeamViewer. This section guides you on how to select the right products for your reviews.

How to write a G2 review for a free $10 Or ₹2000 amazon gift card voucher :-

1. First of all, you need to go to the G2 Software & Services Review Offer page through the link provided below.

2. After going to the webpage, On the home page you will find Write a review for a $10 worth Amazon Gift Card Banner.
Write a review for a $10 Amazon gift card

3. Then you have to select your present/ current role and on the basis of your role, you will get a Product by writing a review through the G2 website.
g2.com review

4. Now select any software which you know or you can search on Google to collect the information about that particular software and read it.

5. Then continue the review and you have to Login Using your Google Business Profile or LinkedIn Profile.

6. Here complete all the questions to submit your review successfully and click next to share details about the Software which you have selected.

7. They ask you some questions and Start writing reviews and answer the asked questions in an appropriate manner.
G2.com free gift card

8. Now, Select your country as India, and you will get your gift voucher in your Registered Mail which is linked to the account which is used to Login.

9. Done! Complete Thanks for Your Review Of This Product Once approved, your review is Publicly viewable G2
g2.com review trick

10. Your gift card will be delivered via email within three business days, pending review approval by our team. We require 3 business days to moderate all submitted reviews.

11. Here I received my free gift voucher by writing a review on software on the G2 Review page.

g2.com payment proof

G2.com Proof :-

g2 voucher proof

g2.com payment proof


In conclusion, We conclude by summarizing the benefits of participating in the G2 review program and encourage readers to start their reviewing journey. G2.com offers an excellent platform for users to share their experiences and reviews about various products and services. The opportunity to receive a free Amazon voucher worth ₹2000 for writing a review is an enticing incentive. By providing valuable feedback and insights, users can not only contribute to the G2.com community but also receive a reward for their efforts.


  1. How do I start writing a review on G2.com?
    • To start, visit G2.com, search for the software or service you want to review, and click on the review section. You’ll need to log in or create an account to submit your review.
  2. What kind of products can I review on G2.com?
    • You can review a wide range of software products and services, like Zoom, TeamViewer, and many others available on the G2 platform.
  3. How do I earn an Amazon voucher from G2.com?
    • After writing and submitting your review, if it meets the guidelines, you’ll be eligible for an Amazon voucher. The voucher amount varies based on the promotional offer at that time.
  4. How long does it take to receive the Amazon voucher after submitting a review?
    • Typically, the voucher is emailed to you within three business days after your review has been approved.
  5. Is there a limit to how many reviews I can write for vouchers?
    • Usually, there’s a limit of one voucher per review campaign per user, but it’s best to check the current terms on G2.com for any changes.
  6. Can I write a review for any software, even if I haven’t used it?
    • No, it’s important to write reviews only for software that you have used, as G2.com values honest and authentic feedback.

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Write a Review on G2.com & Get Free Amazon Voucher

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